Latest Release

9.3.1 » 03 Sep 2020
What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-991: [Nielsen] [Upgrade Nielsen Support to major version 7.x]
  • AMPAND-1652: [Ads] [Expose SKIPPED Ad Event]
  • AMPAND-1723: Mux: remove extra trackPlayEvent()
  • AMPAND-1724: Analytics: ensure onAdsPlayheadUpdate() occurs only once for each position
  • AMPAND-1726: [MAE] [Multicast LMS] [Implement LMS using MAE 3 for Amp Core]

Previous Releases

Legacy Release Notes
9.3.0 » 06 Aug 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1664: [IMA] [Expose google.ima.Ad Object] [Provides more AdsInfo Data points in all Ad Modules]
  • AMPAND-1703: [MUX] [Adding MUX Analytics Support for AMP Android SDK]
  • AMPAND-1705: [UI-Mobile-Generic] [Implement thumbnail holder view PlayerControlsOverlay.manageThumbnails] [Added VideoPlayerView.setThumbnails]
  • AMPAND-1710: [Chromecast] [AmpCastUtils.initCastButtonCast] [Allow the App to place the Cast MediaRouteButton in the XML]
Bug fixes
  • AMPAND-1691: BugFix - [Chromecast] [UI in Chromecast Sample] [Controls not shown when screen tapped]
  • AMPAND-1699: BugFix - [IMA] [SetVastTimeout] [Given timeout is not working] [Upgraded IMA support for 3.19.4]
  • AMPAND-1711: BugFix - [Comscore] [ad duration] [should be reported in millis, not seconds]

9.2.0 » 05 Jul 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1614: [IMA] [Upgrade Support for Version to 3.19.3]
  • AMPAND-1687: [Core] [Implement Stall Event for buffer under-run]
  • AMPAND-1453: [Media Acceleration] Remove Media Acceleration Support
Bug fixes
  • AMPAND-1696: BugFix - [Comscore] [Attempt to invoke interface method ‘int java.util.Map.size()’] [NPE with VideoPlayerContainer]
  • AMPAND-1679: BugFix - [Comscore] [CCPA Is not sending Empty Value before user choose Yes No]
  • AMPAND-1565: BugFix - [Freewheel] [freewheelManager.warnOnAdClick() not working]
  • AMPAND-1608: BugFix - [AmpPlayer] [Controls are shown during Ad Playback]
  • AMPAND-1693: BugFix - [AmpPlayer] [Miniplayer] [Mute Button is not working during Ad]
  • AMPAND-1671: BugFix - [Media Analytics] [deliveryType ax parameter] [it is sending a zero-0 instead of letter-O value]
  • AMPAND-1677: BugFix - [DRM] [ExoWrapper DRM Schema not supported] [Error log is link to a unexisting resource]

9.1.0 » 09 Jun 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1639: [Downloader] - Cancel a single download at a time
  • AMPAND-1643: [Core] Update ExoWrapper implementation to match the latest API 2.11.4
  • AMPAND-1645: [Core] Migrate AMP code base to androidx
  • AMPAND-1646: [ID3] Update the ID3 extractor to match the latest API
  • AMPAND-1647: [Core] Upgrade Closed Captions implementation to match the latest API
  • AMPAND-1648: [Downloader] Update the downloader implementation to match the latest API
  • AMPAND-1663: Implement SCTE-35 markers

9.0.12 » 24 Apr 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1568: [VideoPlayerView] [Expose getProtocol Functionality] [Returns StreamingProtocol of Loaded Stream]
  • AMPAND-1622: [IMA] [SetVastTimeout] [Implemented a method to modify the vast timeout]
  • AMPAND-1636: [IMA] Update IMA plugin support to 3.11.3
Bug fixes
  • AMPAND-793: BugFix - [Freewheel] Mid-roll is getting played even if already played.
  • AMPAND-1601: BugFix - [IMA] [MidRoll in VMAP is not working] [No content provider]
  • AMPAND-1611: BugFix - [DAI VOD] [Seek after MidRoll CuePoint] [Ad Overlay is not displayed]
  • AMPAND-1630: BugFix - [Nielsen] [Adding Missing end() call when connecting to chromecast if video is playing in mobile device]

9.0.11 » 24 Mar 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1031: [360] [Update Motion Feature VR Module] [EnableLongPress implementation in PlayerControlsOverlay and AmpPlayerWrapper Support for 360]
  • AMPAND-1552: [Adobe HeartBeat] [Upgrade Plugin Support adobeMobileLibrary to 4.18.0] [Migrate 1.x to 2.x MediaSDK]
  • AMPAND-1569: [IMA] [IMA SDK Settings] [Expose public interface ImaSdkSettings]
Bug fixes
  • AMPAND-1536: BugFix - [Core] [SimpleExoPlayer accessing wrong thread] [IPlayerEventsListener Warning]
  • AMPAND-1605: BugFix - [Nielsen] [Playahead is called during scrubbing in TV]
  • AMPAND-1607: BugFix - [UI] [Playback paused if Ad Error]
  • AMPAND-1609: BugFix - [DAI] [Ad Overlay] [Not showing during ad playback]

9.0.10 » 16 Feb 2020

What’s included the release?
  • AMPAND-1196: [Freewheel] [Upgrade FWAdManager support with latest build 6.33]
  • AMPAND-1408: [ULL] [Placeholder for URL and non-zero Buffer] [Ultra Low Latency Sample]
  • AMPAND-1544: [Core] [setBufferDimensions Overloading] [Receiving targetBufferBytes as parameter and new videoPlayerContainer method VideoPlayerContainer.setDefaultLoadControl ]
  • AMPAND-1545: [Core] [playerView.ampBasePlayer.addListener asynchronously] [Added new setExoEventsListeners method for videoPlayerContainer]
  • AMPAND-1546: [Core] [VideoPlayerContainer] [Implement getConfig endpoint]
  • AMPAND-1547: [IAdsPlugin] [Implement getExternalLibVersion]
  • AMPAND-1550: [UI-Mobile] [Fore Parent view Resize for Child Views in React Native Applications]
  • AMPAND-1551: [360] [AMP 360 Module is updated with recent changes] [amp-rendering-360]
Bug fixes
  • AMPAND-1183: BugFix - [Freewheel] [Add setVideoDuration to enable Comercial break patterns]
  • AMPAND-1549: BugFix - [Nielsen] [NielsenDcrEventsHandler allow all Metadata Values] [progen is now allowed]
  • AMPAND-1553: BugFix - [360] [Call Automatically onResume in the amp-rendering-360 implementation]

9.0.9 » 30 Dec 2019

What’s included the release?
  • [Nielsen] [videoPlayerView.onDestroy()] [Remove appsdk.close() call]
  • Integration with Streamroot
  • [Nielsen] [updateOTT Status Notify] [Connect/Disconnect Chromecast Device]

9.0.8 » 02 Dec 2019

What’s included the release?
  • [Refactor] [Public API Refactoring for Analytics] [enhancement: API Change]
  • [Yospace] Upgrade SDK version: 2.12.2
Bug fixes
  • BugFix - [Nielsen] [VideoPlayerView.getTimelineDuration] [Avoid NPE in setValuesToContentData ]
  • BugFix - [Core] [ExoPlayerWrapper for DVR] [does not start at live point]
  • BugFix - [AmpPlayer] [AnalyticsTracker Implementation] [Cannot be converted in setAnalyticsPlugin]
  • BugFix - [AmpPlayer] [AnalyticsTracker NPE] [VideoPlayerView getCurrentBitrate]

9.0.7 » 04 Nov 2019

What’s included the release?
  • [Chromecast] Content Type Support for buildTracks
  • [Nielsen] [Implement the viability of the Nielsen Multiinstance] [New Feature workaround]
Bug fixes
  • BugFix - [Core] [prepareResourceWithExtension for DRM] [Not working if missing MimeType in URL]
  • BugFix - [AmpPlayer] [Yospace Plugin] [ProxyInit is not executed]
  • BugFix - [Nielsen] [NPE Error with ComScore and Adobe]
  • BugFix - [Media Analytics][NPE getCurrentTimelinePosition]

9.0.6 » 06 Oct 2019

What’s included the release?
  • [FirebaseAnalytics] [ Add FireBase SDK Support] [New Plugin]
  • [Documentation] Add Error handling for AmpPlayer and VideoPlayerView
  • [Core] [Adding Playback Rate and Pitch Control API]
Bug fixes
  • BugFix - [Core] [VideoPlayerViewExo getBufferedPercentage NPE]
  • BugFix - [Core] [VideoPlayerViewHardwareAdvanced] [Fatal Exception at setDefaultMode]

9.0.5 » 09 Sep 2019

What’s included the release?

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Bug fixes
  • BugFix - [Core] [VideoPlayerViewHardwareAdvanced.isLive] [NPE]
  • BugFix - [Core] [manageQualityLevels] [Not Working]
  • BugFix - [Core] [Seek to invalid position] [No brief stall should occur]

9.0.4 » 28 Jul 2019

What’s included the release?
  • [Chromecast] Upgrade plugin core with Cast Core play-services-cast-framework:16.2.0
  • [Chromecast] Custom Sender Implementation
  • [Chromecast] [Enable CloseCaptions] [VTT & TTML & EIA]